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We’re so proud to announce the launch of our blog, Peasy Street! Peasy Street will be filled with industry knowledge, tips & tricks and other property info for those like us who love all things real estate.

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Home loans for the bankphobic

Panicked by paperwork? Or mortified at the prospect of maths? Talking to the banks and finding the best loan can be intimidating. We’ve got the remedy.

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Who wants to keep up with the pack. Let us open the door to your next investment and give you more.

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What is 'property easy'?

Whether buying a home, or starting an investment portfolio, buying a property should be easy. We’re here to get you home. Fast.

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What is Peasy?

We deal with the banks and find you the best loan to get you home. Fast.

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We cost nothing but we’re worth a ton.

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We’re people, people. And our people are people, people.

Our focus is about opening more doors for our customers through great relationships with lenders and customers alike.

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I was 15 when I first heard about what a Mortgage Broker does, and it took me a long time to believe it. Giving advice to find the best structure and product to suit the client at absolutely no extra cost – It’s something I knew I had to be part of… A totally game changing service, and I want to make sure everyone hears about it.

Every client is different, and you will never know what is important to a client unless you ask the right questions. A big part of what I do is talking through my clients’ plans and goals, and working backwards to find the best possible solution. We become a big part of our clients’ lives to bring them closer to these goals.

Joel Wyld Director

The home buying process can be stressful at times, and the last thing we want our clients to worry about is their loan. Customer service is a big focus for me personally, and I get great satisfaction knowing that our clients can rely on us to take the stress away.

My role as the Customer Care Manager is to align our teams’ day-to-day activities with the expectations of our clients – that is, to deliver the results in a timely and friendly manner, whilst helping join all the pieces of the puzzle to bring them closer to their dream of home ownership

Amanda Christmann Manager, Customer Care

Our Lenders

We have access to most major lenders in Australia. If there's a better deal for you, we'll know about it.


Use our calculators, crunch the numbers and work out how much you can borrow or more on stamp duty and repayments.

Not a numbers guy? Then forget about these numbers and dial the only digits that matter.

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There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Here are some of the top questions we get at Peasy.


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