DIY Coffee Cup Frog - Peasy

DIY Coffee Cup Frog

This week’s post is a little green craft project that’s great for the young, and the young at heart.

– 1 Peasy coffee cup
– 1 Sheet of green craft paper
– Craft glue
– 2 Googley eyes
– 1 sheet of red craft paper OR a red pen
– A black marker pen
– Scissors

1. Cut four feet for your frog from the green paper with a tab at the back that can now fold under the lip of the cup and be glued in place.
2. Cut out two circles from the green paper and glue the googley eyes in the middle.
3. Now glue the green circles where you want your frogs eyes to go.
4. Draw a mouth on your frog with the black marker.
5. Cut out a thin tongue out of red paper, fold the end over and glue it to centre of the mouth.
6. Now if you have any left over green paper you can make your new mate a little lily pad to sit on.

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