Tower Building Game - Peasy

Tower Building Game

The aim of the game this week is to build your Peasy cup tower as high as you can without it falling over.

Once you have built a stable tower then comes the fun part, you should then be able to to pull the pieces of craft paper out from between the cups one by one so all the cups fall back inside each other without you touching them. Repeat this process a few times and once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to show off to your friends and family.

Required Materials
– A bunch of Peasy Coffee Cups cleaned and dried
– A bunch of craft paper cut into squares about 15cm across

1. Take one Peasy Cup and place upside down on a table
2. place a paper square on top of the cup
3. Now place another cup upside down on top of the paper square
4. Repeat the above process to build your tower as high as possible
5. Have fun pulling it down it!

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