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Ever wondered what’s involved in applying for a loan?

As a Broker that values not just the process of finding a suitable loan, but also the process of making your journey as seamless and as stress free as possible; we thought we would take you through a typical ‘Peasy’ experience from start to finish.

  1. Meeting you: we always love to put a face to a name, however we also understand the demands of the fast-paced city life can leave little time to think about your future. Therefore, a telephone appointment or a to your doorstep meeting is never an issue for us.
  2. Finding out your needs and objectives: we don’t just like to know how much you want to borrow, we also want to know the big picture so we can recommend a product/lender that ties in with your short and long-term goals.
  3. Compliance and Legislation: operating in a professional and legal manner is most important to us, we don’t believe in cutting corners and so therefore anything we request from you is to protect you as well as us.
  4. Time-frames: sticking to a structured timeline is something we always like to ensure, which is why we always emphasize the importance of sending in your documents straight away; a missed opportunity can sometimes just come down to a matter of timing.
  5. Pre-approval: the most exciting first step! This is where we have picked the most suitable lender, submitted your application and you are ready to make offers. Can happen as quickly as 5-7 days from our first initial meeting.
  6. Valuation: once you have found a property and signed a contract of sale; the lender will send out a Valuer to estimate how much they believe the property is worth.
  7. Formal approval: your finally in the save zone, the lender is completely satisfied with the property you want to buy and are happy to make you a formal offer to sign.
  8. Loan documents: another very important part is to sign and return your documents quickly but carefully.  Remember to follow the instructions to the letter, as they are crucial to insuring settlement is on time and you don’t incur any unnecessary penalties.
  9. Settlement: Hooray! The property is yours and we will send you all the confirmations you need to feel relaxed and well informed about what will happen next.
  10. Keeping in touch: we always stay in touch to we can assist long term in any way we can, we like to schedule in follow up calls and take note of changes to your product/rate that may not be competitive anymore. This way we can keep you in the light as to what new options there are and prepare you for future changes

If ever you hear of someone that had a bad experience or who is completely lost in where to start and what to expect, then please ask them to get in touch. We take pride in providing an exceptional experience that leaves customers feeling at home with us.

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