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    ‘Rentvesting’ versus Buying a property to live in…how do they compare?

    With housing affordability a topic of concern, we thought it would be a good time to share a concept known to some, but still unfamiliar to most…as ‘RENTVESTING!’
    ‘Rentvesting’ in simple terms is choosing to rent a property in a desired location (often a location unaffordable for you to buy in) and then using your

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    Why has going past your 4th investment property become so difficult?

    With industry changes making it harder for investors to grow their portfolios, is it now more important than ever to have access to a larger panel of lenders and seek professional advice.
    To better explain, let us give you a basic example of what affordability looks like in reality, versus how most lenders will now

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    Ever wondered what’s involved in applying for a loan?

    As a Broker that values not just the process of finding a suitable loan, but also the process of making your journey as seamless and as stress free as possible; we thought we would take you through a typical ‘Peasy’ experience from start to finish.

    Meeting you: we always love to put a face

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    How do I prepare for rate changes?

    Following on from last week’s blog, we wanted to talk more about ways you can save; and we don’t just mean money, we mean saving time and energy stressing over many things that need not be so complicated!
    It all comes down to the 3 C’s that is Chances, Choices and Changes!
    Let’s firstly take

  • Tech

    Peasy Tech Tips

    For this week’s post we’re bringing you some handy technology tips to help you when you’re online, whether it’s for work or play.
    – TLDR –
    Let’s face it we’re all busy and want to spend our time time as wisely as possible so we can spend more time on the fun stuff. This

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    Don’t just plan to buy…plan to own a property long term!

    Many of us get excited about owning our first home!  However, we often find clients spend a lot of time preparing to buy and in turn forget to plan for their post settlement journey!
    Today we thought it would be great to share a checklist that caters for a lifetime of property ownership;

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    What should I consider when searching for the right home??

    Many people come to Peasy with a list of ideals, usually a list that differs slightly from their significant other. However, we believe it is often easy to define exactly what it is you do want, but the hard part comes down to what compromises you are willing to make.
    Depending on where you want

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    Buying off the plan… know the Pros & Cons first…

    Buying off the plan for many Australians can be a great option however, in some cases home owners are being left disappointed with less than pleasing results and a more complicated than necessary process to completion.
    For this reason, we thought it would be good to share with you the most common mistakes purchasers are

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    Small consistent changes pay off…

    At ‘Peasy’ we like to find new ways to help our clients that goes above and beyond the average mortgage broker, so we have recently put together a workbook that allows our clients to calculate the interest they could save if they make a ‘small consistent change to their repayments’
    Firstly, let us show you

  • tower

    Tower Building Game

    The aim of the game this week is to build your Peasy cup tower as high as you can without it falling over.
    Once you have built a stable tower then comes the fun part, you should then be able to to pull the pieces of craft paper out from between the cups one by