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    Small consistent changes pay off…

    At ‘Peasy’ we like to find new ways to help our clients that goes above and beyond the average mortgage broker, so we have recently put together a workbook that allows our clients to calculate the interest they could save if they make a ‘small consistent change to their repayments’
    Firstly, let us show you

  • tower

    Tower Building Game

    The aim of the game this week is to build your Peasy cup tower as high as you can without it falling over.
    Once you have built a stable tower then comes the fun part, you should then be able to to pull the pieces of craft paper out from between the cups one by

  • Frog

    DIY Coffee Cup Frog

    This week’s post is a little green craft project that’s great for the young, and the young at heart.
    – 1 Peasy coffee cup
    – 1 Sheet of green craft paper
    – Craft glue
    – 2 Googley eyes
    – 1 sheet of red craft paper OR a red pen
    – A black marker pen

  • Iphone_post

    6 great iphone tips you might not know

    This week’s Peasy life hack brings you a few tips about getting the most out of the little computer in your pocket.
    A large percentage of the population have an iphone these days but there are many things that a lot of people don’t know they can do with them that might make their

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    Ideas for saving some money on this years tax return!

    Now the beginning of the new financial year is upon us, it is time to sit down and go through your finances.
    Begin to ask yourself questions like…
    1. Where did I make a saving last year?
    2. Could I have saved more if I had completed a budget or included expenses I didn’t realise could be

  • Tech

    Peasy Tech Tips

    For this week’s post we’re bringing you some handy technology tips to help you when you’re online, whether it’s for work or play.
    – TLDR –
    Let’s face it we’re all busy and want to spend our time time as wisely as possible so we can spend more time on the fun stuff. This

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    Could Regulators be moving in on Non-bank lenders?

    A.P.R.A news update…
    It has now been confirmed that the government will provide an extra $2.6m over four years to APRA to “exercise new powers” and collect data from non-authorised deposit-taking institutions.
    What effect will this have on the consumer?
    APRA chairman Wayne Byres quoted. “If there is a systemic risk … APRA would

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    Is it time to change to Principal and Interest?

    Interest only or principal and interest…
    As you may have noticed most of the major banks and smaller lenders have recently made some significant changes to their interest rate offerings in order to become more in line with industry policy and recommendations. Initially it was investment loans that were subject to the most changes, however

  • Brownie

    Life Hack – Microwave brownie in a mug

    Everyone loves brownies right?
    Our Life hack this week is dessert themed and should help warm you up after a cold day (after dinner of course!)
    Well if you think baking them in the oven can be a long and messy process then this is the recipe for you!

  • Butterfly

    Craft – Make your own butterfly feeder

    Everyone loves a few butterflies in the garden. With this easy DIY butterfly feeder you’ll have loads of colourful flying friends to watch in your yard.

    – 3 tsp Sugar
    – 100ml Water
    – String
    – Coloured paper (for the petals)
    – Peasy coffee cup washed and dry
    – Cotton wool ball